Viagra By Mail

Viagra is a brand name for sildenafil - potent medication prescribed to patients that have trouble getting and maintaining an erection. Viagra is prescribed to patient sdiagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Do not take this medicine with nitrate drugs, as this is fraught with serious health consequences. If you feel nauseated, dizzy, experience tingling in the neck, jaw, arms, numbness stop having sex and call your health care provider as soon as possible. Make sure you talk to your doctor before starting to take Viagra. Do not start taking it if you have erection problem for the first time. One needs to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction in order to take this medicine.

Take Viagra exactly as prescribed by your health care provider. Do not exceed the dosage prescribed as it is based on your current health condition and individual needs. Viagra is FDA pregnancy category B. This medicine has not been reported to cause harm to an unborn baby, but no consistent information has been obtained on whether it can pass into breast milk. If you think you have taken too much of Viagra, and have nausea, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, lightheadedness, fainting, seek medical help. Viagra will not ensure an erection without sexual stimulation.

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